February 2013

February 2013

Keurig for Newsletter

Make Room for the Kuerig!

It all started very innocently last October when my dear husband suggested that maybe this year for Christmas we could get a joint gift of a Kuerig. Which was all fine and good except I do NOT drink coffee! However, he convinced me that I could make my Chai tea with it and I convinced him that I would also be expecting another gift from him since this one was really 90% for him!

So I did my homework on the Kuerig and of course got the best price. Because I am organized, I also looked into different solutions for storing the K cups. I quickly told the three kids that buying Dad K cups for Christmas would be a great idea and also one of them bought him the little shelf for it to sit on and a place for K cups to live. All was good and well until Christmas morning when we opened up 5 boxes of K cups that did not ALL fit into the cute little storage shelf. Instead, dear husband took over half of a pantry shelf to store the boxes. I was not very happy with this new item taking up WAY too much room!


So I decided it was time to re-organize and make room. Anyway, the pantry is on the opposite side of the kitchen from where the Kuerig sits on the counter. And if any of you have heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it many times – you must store your items where you use them.

I started looking through cabinets near the Kuerig and realized there was unused space in the bottom cabinet. What is stored there are two rather large boxes for our kids schoolwork. Once upon a time when they were in elementary school, I would put all their schoolwork in the boxes every day and at the end of the year weed through it all. But now that they are in high school and middle school those large boxes were not being utilized.


I never get much paperwork from them anymore, but I do get some, so I wanted to make sure I still had a place to store it. I replaced the large boxes with two similar but smaller boxes and add a third box for my new child the Kuerig!! All of the K cups fit nicely into the box and they are conveniently located just below where the Kuerig sits.


And there is the story of how we re-organized the Randall residence to make room for our new Christmas present!

What did you have to re-organize at your house?